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C5 Supercharger Install.

So after having the C5 static for several years, I decided to up the power a bit. I installed a A&A Supercharger kit with a V3 Si trim head unit. I like the V3 series because it's a self contained head unit with no need to plumb oil feed or return lines and no need to drill the oil pan. I wasn't ready for all the other upgrades I had to do to support this install, some of them came as a surprise like the secondary fuel system and 100lb injectors. So along with the install of the supercharger, I had to upgrade to 100lb injectors, a secondary fuel system, and a larger LS3 style 100mm MAF. My tuner wanted to keep the car on the hybrid system using the MAF instead of going 100% speed density,

C5 Heads up display install

My C5 didn't come from the factory with heads up display, but I wanted to change that. I Gathered all the needed parts, all OEM GM stuff, all brand new. At the time the harness from the cluster to the HUD control was a real difficult to find part, I got lucky finding an OEM one from EBAY. My cluster was already HUD compatible which was a plus, that meant I didn't have to change out the cluster or get the millage adjusted. With the prep work done, yeah well... just a few parts needed to come out - like the entire dash, console, waterfall, and gauge cluster. Here are the switch and harness installed into my original cluster I'm not a big fan of interior work, you usually have to contort yours

The 64' T-Bird - Time to wake up!

This 1964 Thunderbird is a family heirloom but had been sitting idle for over a decade. The owner wanted to get it running and ready to cruise! This car is equipped with a 390 engine and a Crusie-o-matic transmission. Thanks to having been garage kept safe and secure, this 55k original mile beauty wasn't difficult to get running and in driving shape. I am very impressed by how solid the car is and how well maintained it was. I did a bunch of work to it, including brake work, exhaust manifold gaskets, column rebuild, gas level sending unit, gauge and interior work, and everything was in great shape - even the brake bleeders broke free with no hassle. It arrives: Upon arrival and first ins

C5 Corvette Cam and Valve train upgrade.

This is my personal car. I bought it as a 100% all original, bone stock car with 48k miles. It's a 2001, has a 6 speed and had a 3.42 rear. After adding a nice set of LG Motorsports headers and X pipe as well as a Ti Z06 exhaust, I thought it was time to step it up. I chose Texas Speed for the parts. I bought a Torquer V.2 cam kit, with the HD pushrods and PAC springs. I opted for a ported and shimmed oil pump, LS2 timing chain, and a set of Yella Terra shaft mount rocker arms. I also got a set of FIC 42lb fuel injectors to feed the LS1. If I ever want to change the cam again, I also put in a 2 piece timing cover to facilitate this without having to pull the rack or remove the balancer.