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66 Charger - Hemi Conversion

One of my favorite customers has a very clean 66 Charger. I've done work on this car before, adding a Gear Vendors overdrive unit to it, as well as doing some fuel system, exhaust, and drive shaft work. It's got a very stout 440 stroked motor with well over 600 HP already! The owner is a die hard Mopar fan and genuine "car guy" and as such ... he had to have a Hemi, cant blame him! His choice? A Ray Barton built 528cid Hemi with Aluminum heads, two four barrels, and solid roller valve train. I'm honored and feel privileged he is trusting me with a job of this magnitude. I cant wait to hear it fire up! It begins! The Ray Barton 528 Hemi arrives at my shop. The engine is already broken