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My Supercharged 01 Vette Clutch failure!

About 3 years ago I replaced my OEM clutch with a Mantic ER2 single disk set up. The clutch is supposed to be rated for 600lb/ft of torque according to the vendor I purchased it from. The clutch was broken in and driven for at least 300 miles before any race or track use was undertaken. This clutch had about 4 runs on the naturally aspirated set up at ~400rwhp. After the super charger, I put another 6-700 miles on it of street use. The SC set up is ~650rwhp. On my second run at Island Dragway - the clutch disk literally flew apart. My fist run was a shakedown run, I launched VERY easy and short shifted each gear to watch the Air/Fuel and listen for any issues. This run was an 11.80 at