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Supercharged 2012 Challenger getting a forged and studded A2Speed 392 Hemi.

I have a VERY nice 2012 Challenger in the shop, a 6 speed 19k mile car with a supercharger and a manual transmission. It was originally supercharged by the old Arrington Motorsports on the OEM long block. After several years like this the #1 cylinder gave up, it's got no compression. Here I will chronicle the engine swap and tune as well as other mods I do to it. We plan on doing a driveshaft, twin disk clutch, and methanol kit. Just before the major disassembly So I finally got some time to update this post - I have the drive train out of the car, and I pulled the drivers side head - I found two pistons that popped the ring lands. The car was only at 8 psi, so I suspect the tune was a

The Hemi Charger gets an A&A transmission!!

So the Hemi 66' Charger swap I did ended up needing a new transmission, turns out all that Hemi power and torque was too much for even for a Chrysler 727 transmission! What to do? Call the legendary 727 builder - A&A transmission out of Camby Indiana. The customer spec'ed the trans and ordered it direct from A&A, it was shipped to my shop for the install. A&A was nice enough to take pics from the build and send them to us - there are some REALLY nice parts in this trans and it's completely blueprinted as well. Here is some trans porn for your viewing pleasure, there are lots of billet parts in this build!! : WOW!!! Look at this lineup! And here is the installed A&A trans, notice