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1966 Satellite/GTX Clone in progress.

I have a customer with a nice driver 66'Satellite soon to be GTX clone. It's a 4 speed car that had a standard slightly warmed up 440. He's getting a 650 hp stroked 440 (500inch) engine with an aluminum Indy top end. The car had the engine out when it came to me. The new engine is a pull from the previous Barton 528" Hemi swap I did on the 66 Charger further down in the blog. It has a VERY aggressive top end with a giant camshaft and Indy heads and intake manifold. I'll try and get an idle clip at the end of this project, it has a really awesome old school chop to it. Couple of pics of the blank canvas. Getting to work on the engine. New flywheel, roller pilot bearing, and ARP hardwa