• Don Voorhees

1979 Silver Anniversary Trans Am

So I've been looking for a clean second generation Z28 or TransAm for a while now, I've looked at half a dozen and they were all pretty beat up, hacked up, and rusted out. A buddy showed me a posting on nastyZ28 for a Silver Anniversary TransAm that was an abandoned restoration.

This car is really clean. The body, floors, trunk are all rust free. The body was rotisserie restored and it has all new stainless steel brake lines, fuel lines, powder coated sub frame, new GM gas tank, 100% unmolested quarter panels, the doors are solid and sag free, it's a diamond in the rough. It needs an interior, tires, rims cleaned up, decals and other minor odds and ends. It also needs the dark grey paint accents on the hood/roof and doors. The goal here is an LS swap as well, looking into an LS376 and FAST stand alone EFI.

Here's how it sits now, I'll be adding more pics soon.

Here's what it should look like soon!


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