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1993 Classic Mustang LX 5.0

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

So I have a customer who just bought an awesome 1993 Mustang LX 5.0. It's a 5 speed car and seems to be a former road race car that has been restored. It's in the shop for all kinds of odds and ends from a full exhaust to emblems and replacement of common wear items like inner and outer tie rods, fan, fan clutch, tune up - etc etc.

I documented some of the work here.

The car had all it's emblems and other details removed and painted over. I'm putting the 5.0 and LX badges back on as well as replacing the tail lights, headlights, wiper cowl, and other odds and ends, all back to factory original.

Measured out and placed the 5.0 and LX badges, looking good!

Framed out the spacing with painters tape.

Placed the badges

And done!

Quick shot of the LX badge on the rear.

I also replaced the old prop rod hood support with a pretty neat MRT gas strut set up, this is a really neat kit that installs on both sides of the hood and eliminates the need for the prop rod. Looks great as well.

One of the bigger tasks is to replace the exhaust in it's entirety. This exhaust looks like a home made set up with SLP bullet pass through mufflers that dumps just behind the rear axle, it's loud and has serious drone to it. We'll be going with a full BBK H pipe system with Flowmaster mufflers and the OEM polished tailpipes.

The car has some very wide rear tires and has been lowered so I'm expecting to have to play with the tailpipes to make them fit where they pass the rear of the tires.

Here is a before clip of the exhaust, you can hear the drone.

Here's some progress so far.

A couple of pics of the current exhaust, dumping right at the rear axle.

2.25" pipe with bullet type mufflers.

Dropped the old exhaust it in one piece, Here are the new tailpipes ready to mock up.

Got all new hangers, rubber isolators and hardware as well.

The SLP mufflers, the drone is real with these.

More updates to come!

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Brian Young
Brian Young
23 nov 2022

Love that 5.0 style. Looking good!

Me gusta
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