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  • Don Voorhees

C5 Corvette Cam and Valve train upgrade.

This is my personal car. I bought it as a 100% all original, bone stock car with 48k miles. It's a 2001, has a 6 speed and had a 3.42 rear.

After adding a nice set of LG Motorsports headers and X pipe as well as a Ti Z06 exhaust, I thought it was time to step it up.

I chose Texas Speed for the parts. I bought a Torquer V.2 cam kit, with the HD pushrods and PAC springs. I opted for a ported and shimmed oil pump, LS2 timing chain, and a set of Yella Terra shaft mount rocker arms. I also got a set of FIC 42lb fuel injectors to feed the LS1.

If I ever want to change the cam again, I also put in a 2 piece timing cover to facilitate this without having to pull the rack or remove the balancer. So far, this cam has been great and I have no plans to change it.

The install wasn't bad and was drama free - car started right up and had no issues at all, no leaks, no worries. As with all LS based engines, the lifters are a concern during a cam change but I held them in with a home made lifter bore tool made from steel rod. As the cam removal and install is an involved process, I didnt stop to take a lot of pictures.

Cam, oil pump, and timing chain buttoned up.

PAC springs and Yella Terra rockers installed.

The final result, after being tuned.

After tuning I took it to the track, Island Dragway in Great Meadows NJ. I was impressed by the car's 118-120 mph trap speed for having only a cam and headers. My best 1/4 mile time was 12.1 - but judging by it's trap speed it should be a 11.5 car with a better driver, by best 60' was in the 1.9 range - pretty bad.

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