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  • Don Voorhees

C5 Heads up display install

My C5 didn't come from the factory with heads up display, but I wanted to change that.

I Gathered all the needed parts, all OEM GM stuff, all brand new. At the time the harness from the cluster to the HUD control was a real difficult to find part, I got lucky finding an OEM one from EBAY.

My cluster was already HUD compatible which was a plus, that meant I didn't have to change out the cluster or get the millage adjusted.

With the prep work done, yeah well... just a few parts needed to come out - like the entire dash, console, waterfall, and gauge cluster.

Here are the switch and harness installed into my original cluster

I'm not a big fan of interior work, you usually have to contort yourself into too many odd positions to reach everything but it really wasn't bad, just time consuming.

Another view of the carnage.

Pile O' parts.

Everything went back together pretty well, and I didn't even have an left over screws or parts!

The HUD projector was a pain to set in and mount, as you have to drill some holes and get fasteners into deep recesses way up near the windshield , but it went well using an angle drill.

The HUD bezel had to be cut into the OE dash, this was nerve racking as you don't have a lot of wiggle room for the cut, and I didn't want to do this twice or have the car off the road while I waited for a new dash.

The finished product!

This is a great option to have, I love using the HUD at night and it even has a flashing shift indicator on one of the option screens.

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