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  • Don Voorhees

C5 Supercharger Install.

So after having the C5 static for several years, I decided to up the power a bit. I installed a A&A Supercharger kit with a V3 Si trim head unit. I like the V3 series because it's a self contained head unit with no need to plumb oil feed or return lines and no need to drill the oil pan.

I wasn't ready for all the other upgrades I had to do to support this install, some of them came as a surprise like the secondary fuel system and 100lb injectors.

So along with the install of the supercharger, I had to upgrade to 100lb injectors, a secondary fuel system, and a larger LS3 style 100mm MAF. My tuner wanted to keep the car on the hybrid system using the MAF instead of going 100% speed density, and I kind of agreed.

Another issue I ran into was the previous tuner I used locked the tune, which means nobody could access the PCM without his HP tuners cable and password, this is a very shady/dishonest move as it forces you to return to him for any future tuning work.

The shop was Cartek in Fanwood NJ, if you use them - tell them NOT to lock the PCM, if they refuse, walk way! I had to buy a new PCM and have it flashed for my car and VIN.

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