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  • Don Voorhees

Ray Barton Shifter V3 in a 2012 Challenger.

My supercharged Challenger customer had a hankering for a tighter and more snappy shifter in his 2012 Challenger. He did a lot of research and settled on the Ray Barton V3 shifter. I was sold immediately. Ray Barton is the cream of the crop as far as Mopar goes in my mind. I have another customer car I did a Ray Barton 528 Hemi in that was awesome, I have never seen a more sooth and fast revving engine built, ever. Bartons work and parts exude excellence.

I started by removing the center console and shifter assembly. They had a Hurst shifter in the car, this was an early release Hurst shifter that was one of the first ones released.

The extra red wiring is for the Methanol injection and LED indicator.

With the shifter and cover plate removed, it gave a nice view of the driveshaft shop aluminum shaft I installed with he new forged and studded hellcat block project.

Here is the new Barton shifter unboxed, really nicely machined parts and fit and finish is excellent.

It comes with a new seal for the shifter plate.

The shifter is installed and centered in the plate seal.

I installed the shifter, shifter mount brackets, and loosely mounted the shaft.

I angled the handle, and set it up so it had clearance in the console when installed, mocking it up twice.

Once I was sure everything was looking good and test fitting the console and boot a couple of times, I buttoned everything up, fastening the leather boot to the shaft and making sure it looked good. The shifter looks and operates awesome! The throw and gating on the shifter is great, feels 100x better than the HURST shifter with a really clean look.

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